Rolling back Stripe SCA Compliance
Incident Report for FormAssembly
At FormAssembly, it is our mission to be good stewards of the data entrusted to us. With that, we are continuously working to improve our features and accessibility. The rollout of Stripe Connector improvements for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) compliance in June 2021 was an expression of that.

However, this update made FormAssembly a target for malicious actors seeking to exploit our customers’ Stripe payment forms. To avoid any unintended harm to our customers’ businesses and reputation, our best course of action is to roll back the recent changes to our Stripe Connector immediately and work on building a better option for SCA-compliant payments. The rollback will take place Friday, September 3, 2021.

While we rebuild the connector, the rollback means Stripe will not be a SCA-compliant option for your FormAssembly forms. If you continue to use the connector, payments from European users may be declined if their banking institution requires 3DS (3D Secure).

We understand that rolling back features is never ideal. However, as stewards of your data, we feel strongly that this is the best decision we can make. For more details on this rollback and what your options are for payment forms, please visit our blog ( for a complete report on the situation.
Posted Sep 03, 2021 - 15:21 EDT